Welcome to your award-winning martial arts school. We’re delighted you have joined us.

Practicing, studying, and teaching Martial Arts is our passion. It has enriched our lives in so many ways we want to share a programme and path that can do the same for you.

For those who have been with us for some time, I applaud your efforts and remind you to stay training. Remember that a black belt is a white belt who refused to give in.

For those who are new, we designed this site to serve as a welcome guide and entry onto the path of martial arts that can, if travelled diligently, unwaveringly and honestly,  enrich your lives in immeasurable ways

Our guarantee, both mine and my team, is that we will always do our best for you. We hope you make the same commitment to yourselves. You deserve success.

Sensei Matt Jardine 

“Remember that a black belt is a white belt who refused to give in.”

Sensei Matt Jardine
Our philosophy: ‘Small Wins’.

We base Jardine Karate upon the philosophy of ‘Small Wins’.
Our goal is to create an environment where our students can strive for and reach ever-increasing targets.

With every small win, little success or tiny forward movement, an understanding dawns that, with dedication, commitment, directed effort and patience, success is not only possible, but inevitable. Eventually, with many small wins won, an unshakeable faith in this process unfolds. 

The highest goal for our members is that this deep- seated belief in themselves leads to the realisation that they are the creators of their success in and out of the Dojo.

We offer our philosophy and concept to you so that not only will your martial arts become outstanding, but so too, your lives.

Sensei Matt receiving the award for ‘Innovation on martial arts’

Matt Jardine

Matt Jardine has been teaching martial arts for over twenty years. As a parent, he and his team fully understand the needs of the junior students-and their parents- as well as the Seniors. He writes and teaches regularly about teaching, concepts and innovations regarding the martial arts and education. 

He is a Senior black belt in Full Contact Karate, a brown belt in BJJ (under Roger Gracie) and holds other ranks in other martial arts.

His career began as an aspiring professional tennis player, transitioning into coaching when he found his passion and talent lay with teaching.

Martial arts have been at the core of his life and his role as Sensei (Japanese for Teacher) was, some would say, inevitable.

An eternal student, he has immersed himself in the study of traditional Eastern medicine (he is a qualified Shiatsu therapist), Eastern mindfulness practices (he walked the famous ‘88’ Temple pilgrimage on the Japanese island of Shikoku- the subject of his book, The Hardest Path), and many martial arts.

An avid and fierce competitor, he continues to compete in various fighting styles on a monthly basis. He never demands efforts from his student he hasn’t committed to himself. 

Striking, clinching, grappling and meditation
Dan Frost

Dan Frost started his study of the martial arts, as a child,  in Judo, before transition to karate. He is currently a second degree black belt in Karate, a blue belt in BJJ, and holds ranks in other martial arts.

His teaching career began as an assistant instructor for ‘Karate Party’. Since then he has worked his way up the ‘teaching ladder’ in the purest way possible- by gaining hundreds of hours under his teaching belt- and is now one of the senior instructors at Jardine Karate.

Outside the Martial arts, Dan has a plethora of other interests including work with St John ambulance and helping teach at orphanages and summer camps in Russia and the Ukraine. He also teaches in the army cadets, assists with a children’s care program for Wandsworth council, and is an assistant teacher in a school in Teddington.

Sheri Lennon

Sheri Lennon was born and raised in South Africa. After studying and qualifying as a teacher in 1998, she moved to the UK.  

Sheri has been a Primary school teacher for 19 years and qualified as an Early Years specialist in 2010. She is currently Deputy Head of the KG department in a school in Oman. 

With an unrivalled passion and love for teaching children, she joined the JK team in 2012 in the role of ‘Director of Junior Development‘ and to help, consult, teach and assist in various camps, classes and events.

As a true Southern hemisphere native, she is well versed in all sports, representing her region, Kwazulu Natal, and, latterly, England in the Indoor Cricket World Cup. As well as being a valuable member of the teaching team, she is also a student at Jardine Karate, and is currently working hard toward her first-degree black belt and her purple belt in BJJ. She competes regularly and ferociously.

Sheri brings to the programme a talent for teaching children that few others rival. She is committed, caring and entices the very best from her students.

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