The belt doesn’t lie. Or does it?

The belt doesn’t lie. Or does it? No one dared to tell the Emperor that he was stark naked. Or that’s how it’s told in the children’s fable, ‘The Emperor’s new clothes’; the people of the Royal court unwilling to tell him the truth in fear of losing favour. Eventually it is up to aContinue reading “The belt doesn’t lie. Or does it?”

IS THE UFC DYING? ​featuring Enson Inoue

Just as every dog has its day, so do scoundrels get their comeuppance, as Irish MMA Superstar Conor Mcgregor, is all too aware. As he grudgingly signalled a submission by a subdued tap of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s glove pulled tightly against his jaw, it was impossible not to wonder what he was thinking. Did he haveContinue reading “IS THE UFC DYING? ​featuring Enson Inoue”